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Pop Up Shop for FEMME in Atlanta July 27

FEMME Pop Up Shop

We are excited to announce that we are hosting a second Pop Up Shop at The Cottage in Atlanta, Georgia next Saturday, July 27 from 1-7pm. The shop will be an opportunity to purchase original works and limited edition prints from our first collection, entitled FEMME.

Every quarter YELLE curates a collection of collaborative work from various artists. Our first collection, FEMME, features 4 collaborations from 8 artists who created 36 collaborative works. For each collection, the original works and limited edition prints are sold online and in pop up shops (temporary shops) in cities around the country. Our first pop up shop for FEMME was this past May at BIKINIS in New York City. We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to host a second pop up shop at The Cottage in Atlanta.

About the Shop
Our mission is to make buying & collecting art an accessible and fun experience. The shop has the aesthetic of a gallery, but the accessibility of a retail shop. All original works are displayed as collections on the wall; however, we also have limited edition prints of the originals. All works are under $100.

We are committed to telling the stories behind each collaboration. In the next few days, we’ll be releasing an Gallery Guide (pdf) for you to download and use as a shop tour guide. In addition, QR codes will be displayed on the wall next to each collaboration to allow you to jump straight to that particular collaboration story.